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My oc by Lily34557 My oc :iconlily34557:Lily34557 0 0 my friend Kristy, Natalie, and me talk on Skype by Lily34557 my friend Kristy, Natalie, and me talk on Skype :iconlily34557:Lily34557 0 0 at the river by Lily34557 at the river :iconlily34557:Lily34557 1 0


Don't Leave Us Pap by thegreatrouge Don't Leave Us Pap :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,526 445 Sans' Lost Soul - An Undertale FLASH GAME by Chibixi Sans' Lost Soul - An Undertale FLASH GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 453 635 undertale by phation undertale :iconphation:phation 7,361 192 .Undertale. by Hetiru .Undertale. :iconhetiru:Hetiru 9,972 772 +Undertale+ by larienne +Undertale+ :iconlarienne:larienne 9,911 538 Undertale by Coffgirl Undertale :iconcoffgirl:Coffgirl 6,594 493 UnderTale by bupiti UnderTale :iconbupiti:bupiti 6,112 740 10+ Blueberry and Cherry Sin by MysteryzAJ 10+ Blueberry and Cherry Sin :iconmysteryzaj:MysteryzAJ 1 3
A Promise|Underfell!Toriel x Reader
"My child..why do you continue to torture me?!" Toriel cried, her eyes wide and crazed as she sent another fireball at you, which you dodged at the last moment. "WHAT ARE YOU PROVING THIS WAY?!"
Ignoring her question, you brought your hand up to your mouth, coughing into it as you looked up at the insane goatwoman you called "Mom".
You wondered what happened that made it come to this, and then you remembered...
All you did was ask her if you and Flowey could go outside, and what was her response?
Locking you in your room, though it wasn't for too long since the little, timid flower helped you escape. There were many Monsters outside waiting to kill you, though you've managed to talk them out of fighting. It wasn't easy, though.
Nevertheless, you made it to the exit of the Ruins when Toriel showed up and attacked you, leading you to your current situation.
"I'm only trying to prove that I will be fine out there!"
For a moment, she stopped attacking you. Her mouth was parted slightly, as
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 74 9
Happy Mother's Day!|Toriel x Child!Reader
NOTE: Takes place on the Surface, and you decided to stay with Toriel.
"Happy Mother's Day, Mama!"
Toriel looked up from her book, her eyes wide as she saw a bouquet of [favorite flowers] in front of her face. "Oh my.."  She closed her book, smiling gently at the unexpected surprise.
"Why, thank you my child," the goat woman took the flowers from your hands, sniffing them and humming with delight at their pleasant scent. "These smell wonderful! But what day did you say it was?" She set the bouquet aside, giving you a confused look.
"It's Mother's Day!" You giggled, climbing up onto her lap. "It's a holiday where humans celebrate their moms and how great they are!"
"A day dedicated to me?" Toriel chuckled, blushing slightly as she put her arms around you. She never knew of such a holiday. It's only been a few months since you freed the Monst
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 161 30
Happy Father's Day!|Asgore x Child!Reader
"Happy Father's Day, Daddy!"
"Oh?" Asgore turned away from the window of his castle to see you with a basket of some sort in your tiny hands. He raised an eyebrow, curious, as he walked through the patch of buttercups in his throne room before stopping.
Asgore knelt down, taking the basket from you. "Why..thank you, my child. And it's Father's Day you say?"
You nodded eagerly. "Yup! It's a holiday humans celebrate on the Surface where we thank all dads for being awesome!"
The King only chuckled softly, wondering what compelled him to take the souls of the other children. All he needed was one more to free his people from the Underground. It was a task he was incredibly reluctant to do, considering that he has done it six times before. When Asgore saw you enter his throne room, he also saw, in those wide, innocent eyes, that you had no idea the inevitable was about to happen--that he would have to kill you and take your soul.
You didn't look any older than 5 years old, and f
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 161 27
Russian Roulette|Horrortale!Sans x Reader PT 2
A/N: Gosh diddidly-darn you guys. After seeing how 99.9% of my comments from my Horrortale!Sans x Reader story are going crazy about one little thing Sans said at the very end ("What's Russian Roulette?"), I decided that instead of disabling the comments like a jerk.... I'd do a second part of this since it's Halloween after all = )
So enjoy and HAPPY HALLOWEEN :pumpkin:
"....well?" Sans asked. His fingers rapped against the wooden post as he looked up at you, waiting for an answer. You just stared down at him, your eyes widening to the size of dish plates.
' could he even know about such a thing?!' You thought.
"I found some old tapes from the Surface at the dumps," The skeleton explained, as though he read your mind. "
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 83 19
No Better Than Me|DustTale!Sans x Genocidal!Reader
"So [y/n]...ready to have a mad time?!?"
" have gone completely bonkers, haven't you?" You smirked, toying with the glowing red knife in your hand.
It was the same knife that you used to slay all of Monster-kind over many timelines. Needless to say, you enjoyed hearing their screams over and over, and found new, "innovative" ways to torture them to death. The number of times you reset the world were too many to count, not that you were counting to begin with anyways.
Though every time you did, you could see Sans descending further and further into despair. It was clear that your actions were taking a toll on his mentality.
But after some time, you decided to take a break and so you haven't reset in a good while. When you returned, however, you were shocked to see that Sans resorted to, of all things, doing your job for you....killing everyone, even his own brother. When neither FIGHTing nor MERCY would work, he decided that to kill you once and for all, he wo
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 63 29
Mature content
Horrortale!Sans x Reader Psychopath Like Me*Extra* :iconskull-chick-of-roses:Skull-Chick-of-Roses 16 40
Splendy X Reader 7 minutes in heaven LEMON!!
Splendorman held out the hat to you "Go on [Y/N]! Choose something from the hat!" He smiled, as per usual. You put your hand in the hat, flinching at some sharp object, probably from Jeff and Jack. You finally found a soft, velvet feeling cloth, and pulled it out carefully. You looked at it. It was a polka dot black cloth, that matched Splendy's suit. You coughed slightly "Uhm.." You glanced at Splendy, who was now blushing. Ben and Jeff were doubled over laughing "Go on Splendy! I'm sure [Y/N] will help!" Ben chuckled. You felt yourself blush slightly, knowing what Ben meant. Splendor looked at you and walked to the cupboard. You followed, as did everyone else. Ben grinned "Not letting you two out unless I hear some action in there!!" He shouted, while Slenderman was closing the door. Slendy started saying things to Ben and Jeff, telling them to leave.
The cupboard was small and dark. Splendy looked straight at you "So.. What actually happens in here?" He whispered. You shrugged "I gu
:iconwhisper2k11:whisper2k11 299 181
Brother: True End
“Just… Lay down your weapon, and, well, my job will be a whole lot easier.”
Your footsteps pounded solidly on the stone floor and your lungs burned from running as Sans’ voice echoed through the empty grey corridors. You could already feel the remnants of the fourth human’s Determination beginning to fade. If you didn’t get to Frisk soon, it will wear off completely, and Chara'll be able to tamper with your determination, again. This was your last and only chance to make things right. If only you knew how. Sans… Frisk...! Don't worry... I'm coming! A bright orange glow poured out from a entryway at the end of the hall. You rounded the corner just you saw them sprint towards Sans, knife in hand as they prepared to thrust.
“Frisk, wait!”
Sans reacted first, prematurely side stepping a thrust that never came. You Sans smiled uneasily, quirking his brow at Frisk before snapping his head towards you started barreling d
:iconarixese:Arixese 97 74


My oc
This is Stitches or just call him Stitch, Stitch is a quiet, caring, loving, and a little bit mean. But he's adorable when he's embarrassed or if he likes someone o3o I'll show some of my oc sometimes ^^;
I'm done with Ethan's story!
This is from Shall we date: Magic Sword game, it's really, really romantic ^///^
It sucks a lot! You know why, well I'll tell you why.
My parents are fighting over some stupid stuff that was my dad's fault I'm so tired of it, it's so painful to hear them yell and scream all the time!! And trust me my dad is the worst, he is so violent to my sister and my mom!! And I'll tell you guys some more about it. T^T

Please don't tell anyone about this please.....
It sucks a lot! You know why, well I'll tell you why.
My parents are fighting over some stupid stuff that was my dad's fault I'm so tired of it, it's so painful to hear them yell and scream all the time!! And trust me my dad is the worst, he is so violent to my sister and my mom!! And I'll tell you guys some more about it. T^T

Please don't tell anyone about this please.....


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Hi nice to meet u, the this that I love is fanfiction that is creepypastas or fnaf And Undertale too o3o


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